Monday, December 15, 2008

How was she ruler?

Ptomy XII needed a co-ruler under the custom of his dynasty and in 51B.C. he chose his 19 year old daughter Cleopatra.She was last pharaoh/ruler of Egypt. Cleopatra when ruler arrested the individuals responsible and sent them to bibulus to deal with, who inturned set them to Rome for justice at the hands of the senate.

War with siblings

She first killed her sister. And then she went to war with her brother. Then brother was found in the Nile she had drowned him. Then she won the war.

Cleopatra's different languges did she speak and what were they?

Cleopatra's main languge was greek. She spoke seven languges and they were Egyptian, Hebrew, Aramatic, Persian,Latin, and some African dialects. Wow I could not even learn one!!! She must be smarter than me! But, any way I know a little of Spanish, French.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

What did the name Cleopatra mean?

The name Cleopatra ment "The one who brings joy to her family" . I don't really know her but that sounds really COOL!!! I don't like snakes but, she does. I even would not even comit suicide!!

How She Died!

Cleopatra is dead now. Some people still dont know what happened, So I'll tell you. She died of a snake bite. What type of snake you may ask. King Cobra. WOW!!! Look at those FANGS!!!! Those must hurt. I wonder how it felt? So back to the story she forced the snake to bite her. OUCH!!!! Rather to be forced to walk in chains, through the streets of Rome both Antony and Cleopatra killed their selfs.

What was she the only one to do in hundreds of years?

What are some of the languages Cleopatra learned?

What are areas of strength for this blog?

What is an area of improvement for this blog?